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Granny's Garlic specializes in everything garlic!  

We offer numerous varieties of both gourmet garlic, featured in some of the finest dining establishments in the U.S., as well as premium seed garlic.

Our garlic is grown at Streator, Illinois, which is north centrally located in the state.  It is grown on property known as "Shepherd's Hill", a working sheep farm.  

We have several old family plots where our garlic is organically grown without the use of any chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.  We grow our garlic in soil rotated with vegetables we grow for our family's use and our own farm market.....therefore, we eat what you eat!

Granny herself maintains the garlic plots, hand planting, weeding, harvesting, and giving loving attention to her crop.  Our prices are for whole bulbs that are hand harvested and hand cleaned, which minimizes bruising and scaring.  As for our seed crop, we select ONLY the best seed bulbs of the variety you request.  Nowhere else will you find a more cared for premium product.

2007 Season

Since we offer some of the garlic we have grown mostly for cold winter area gardeners, and is in limited supply, order today to get the best selection!

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